Review of Golf Swing Shirt

Review of Golf Swing Shirt

The Golf Swing Shirt is a training aid that enhances your golf swing through improving your body and arm’s connection all through the swing and Best Golf Cart Accessories to improve your golf cart. This extraordinary item is centered on improving your swing developments and getting your swing repeatable through the connection feeling.

The SwingShirt was produced by Ray Rapcavage a few years ago and embraced by European golfer Padraig Harrington in one year later.

Mel Davies, a Golfshake ambassador tried out the Swing Shirt alongside his Pro Noel Woodman from Kidderminster Golf Club in 2017.

#1 Tech Specs

The shirt is intended to fit cozier than a standard shirt, which advances the body connection as you swing the club. This “connection” is as most extraordinary ball strikers feel and it is the key to awesome golfing. The structure of the shirt and restrictive pressure texture quickly imparts “connection” and overtime muscle memory.

The shirt can be utilized on the golf course and on the range with each club in the bag including the putter.

#2 Looks

It looks somewhat bizarre when you first observe it, particularly with the “trunk” out in front. It’s well made and feels like the usual cool/warm gear worn underneath polo shirts. I was lucky to experiment with the dark shirt which isn’t as brilliant as the orange form.

#3 Feel

lt feels exceptionally weird but after a couple of swings, it appears to be considerably more agreeable and typical. It allows you to accomplish your own swing, yet placing you in a superior, more solid and repeatable position.

#4 Performance

I observed the swing shirt to be a decent item and will keep on using it through the coming months.

I was also able to draw on Noel Woodman Professional at Kidderminster to formally review the shirt:

“The swing shirt is an incredible guide for enhancing your swing. It enabled my arms work more intensely with my body and makes me swing more consistently to produce straighter shots. I would highly recommend the swing shirt to any golfer needing to make enduring changes to their game”

#1 Pros

An extraordinary swing aid that is anything but difficult to utilize and gives instant input as you see straight away. The effects can be seen right from the shots you hit.

#2 Cons

It was difficult for me to put on but after wearing it a few times, it became easier to wear.

#5 Primary concern

An awesome training aid that is anything but difficult to utilize, no assembly required and arrives in a convenient package. You can purchase the SwingShirt from GolfSwingSystems in the UK from £59.95 – and I honestly feel it’s a sensible cost for a guide that will just improve your game and swing. It doesn’t matter your golfing level or whether you’re trying to get better because the shirt can become your best companion.