Your Organization

Posted on Jan 22, 2013

A customer-centric business

Pull marketing, if you implement it right, not only helps you better connect with your customers, it can also positively affect your organization.

A commitment to pull marketing means building your organization around your customer. It brings tremendous opportunities to break down silos and encourage departments to work together – sales, marketing, business strategy and research & development.

The increased understanding of your customer can infuse the whole organization. While it’s particularly useful when seeking to connect your sales and marketing teams, it can also involve your business strategy and research and development departments – in fact all parts of your company.

A business strategy decision

Pull marketing succeeds when people understand that it is a senior management priority. That means that it needs to be a business decision and not one left only to the IT department (IT are vital but they are responsible for the systems not the customers so need support in any decisions).

The good news is that you can begin right now with your existing organization. One mantra of pull marketing is ‘change your strategy and not your people.’ And once people understand that there is no threat to them, they’ll get behind you–and rally around the customer who you’ve now placed at the centre of your business.

Welcomed by healthcare professionals

Pull technology allows senior executives to make their company customer-centric. This not only benefits the company though improved communication but it also helps your corporate brand as you are seen to listen, understand and act on what you’ve learnt. With pull communication, doctors feel part of the process, which switches them from a defensive to engaged position. In effect, you start to become a valued treatment partner. So try pull marketing to see how it can transform both your company and how your customers relate to you.