Cannabis and its health benefits is a topic that has gained admiration in the population and, in turn, has gained ground in the market, especially, thanks to those people who prefer the intake of natural products over the use of common medicines. For that reason, there have been many pro-marijuana activists, doctors and scientists who have involved themselves for decades in the study of the properties of substances extracted from this plant. One of the most famous was Rick Simpson, a Canadian activist who was diagnosed with skin cancer, so he decided to study the effects of TDH and other psychoactive components in cancer cells. Thanks to this, he discovered what was later named in his honor as Rick Simpson Oil or better known as RSO. This consists of a highly concentrated product since it is a complete extract removed from the cannabis plant. Its extraction process is carried out in such a way that the subtracted element of the plant is not altered, that is to say, the addition or removal of any component is avoided so as not to alter the chemical composition of the product, leaving us with a powerful and full Cannabis extract that has effective properties when treating chronic conditions. This product is made of dried marijuana flowers which, mixed with a solvent, can be consumed in various ways such as in recipes for cooking, smoking, vaping, ingested in capsules and in oil. There is no medical or scientific evidence to support the benefits of the intake of this oil, however, there have been many people who claim the effectiveness of the use of RSO in health areas. It is known that marijuana extracts accelerate apoptosis, that is to say, the programmed cell death, which prevents the growth of tumors and the spread of cancer cells throughout the rest of the body. In addition, it has great palliative effects. Which means that Rick Simpson Oil can be used to provide a better quality of life to those people who have been diagnosed with some type of serious illness since it helps to control pain, reduce symptoms and can even serve to alleviate the side effects produced by conventional medications. Although its most popular use is related to the treatment of cancer, Rick Simpson Oil can be used to heal other types of diseases. By exerting a direct effect on the nervous system, pain and muscles, it is a great ally at the time of reducing the symptoms of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, added to this, it is a natural relaxant that can alsoalliviate seizures or epileptic attacks and it can even prevent them. Following these general lines, the RSO is highly recommended to treat sleep disorders, anxiety and stress. Unlike CBD oil, Rick Simpson Oil has a concentrated amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound from Cannabis that, despite being natural, turns out to be psychoactive and is contraindicated when the patient is being medicated, so it is recommended to administer it with extreme care and under medical supervision.

As time goes by, more and more benefits have been discovered regarding the use of cannabinoids extracted from plants such as cannabis. Currently, the medical and scientific community are still investigating the effect that these substances can exert on the human organism, however, many people have decided to take advantage of the properties of CBD oil to treat aspects of health. In addition to being a great ally for the treatment of those diseases and ailments that a person can present, CBD oil is gaining popularity among those who have pets. There are many testimonies from people who have used this product to treat pathologies in their animals and have obtained effective results. Mammals have an endocannabinoid system that, like humans, is composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors so it is thought that it can be obtained benefits very similar to those obtained in the human body when they react to the presence of cannabinoids. Nonetheless, when dealing with pets, we must be much more careful since they are less accustomed to the effects of psychoactive substances than human beings. Cannabidiol influences many areas of animal health since the CB1 receptor acts directly on the brain and the CB2 receptor exerts activity on peripheral organs such as the immune system, which makes it a great ally when treating pain, stress , anxiety and can even control the appetite. However, it is important to know that this component does not generate the same reactions in all pets, so you should know in depth as much information as you can about it.. In the case of dogs, it is believed that they have more CB1 receptors than any other mammal, so ingesting phytocannabinoids, that is to say, cannabinoids from plants, can be very advantageous for them. Given this, we have that the CDB oil can be used to treat inflammations, lack of appetite, anxiety, stress, arthritis, pain associated with cancer, dermatitis or any other type of skin condition, epileptic or convulsive attacks and, in addition, it acts improving memory. Following these general lines, we have that the use of cannabidiol is highly recommended in animals that have reduced mobility and, coupled with it, is a fast and effective tranquilizer that can be used at times when the animal feels upset or stressed, as when fireworks explode near them, for example. In the case of cats, one of the greatest advantages of the intake of CDB oil is that it helps strengthen the gastrointestinal system, which improves the appetite of cats and prevents frequent vomiting. For reasons of weight and size, the dose to be administered should be much lower than that used in dogs and it is recommended using only oil-based products since fiber or other components that may be present in other foods is harmful to them. As with dogs, cannabidiol plays a fundamental role in the treatment of cancer cats since it has properties that inhibit the multiplication and spread of cancer cells. In addition, it is also very helpful when medicating a patient with diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol is an important Cannabinoid present in the Cannabis plant. It is found in variable quantities according to its trunk or strain but it can even represent up to 40% of its extract. It is considered psychotropic because it acts directly on the central nervous system, however, unlike other compounds, CBD oil does not generate strong psychoactive effects so it can be used for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. The use of Cannabidiol goes back to 1940, year in which it was isolated from the rest of the compounds present in the plant but its functions and benefits were determined 20 years later, in 1960. Originally, this product was intended to be used specifically as an inhibitor of the effects caused by the substance tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that is to say, it was defined as an allosteric negative modulator or antagonist, but, over time, the benefits that has this compound by itself and how beneficial it can be for health were discovered. Although THC is better known, the CBD has a characteristic that makes it more versatile and useful. This generates an impulse in the nervous system that activates and potentiates its responses through the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a group of endogenous receptors that all mammals possess in their brains. It works directly with the central and peripheral nervous system and consists of neuromodulatory lipids, products of metabolism, and receptors; which means that it can be part of common physiological processes such as humor, appetite, mood and pain, in addition, it is responsible for controlling the psychoactive effects of cannabis. The two most important types of cannabinoid receptors are CB1 and CB2, these are mainly found in the brain and the central and peripheral nervous systems. Their main purpose is to regulate the variety of functions performed by neurotransmitter substances such as serotonin and anandamide, for that reason, the CBD is able to influence them significantly since it is a cannabinoid very similar to those generated by the organism in a natural way. Cannabis possesses 104 cannabinoids and its vast majority acts on the body in the same way as those that are created naturally within it. The advantage of the CDB over other components is that it has no psychoactive effects, so it can be used with less risk than the rest. This product has a wide range of indications based on its psychotherapeutic properties; however, it is important to know that it plays, mostly, a complementary role at the time of treating some type of disease since it does not have healing attributes as such. It means that it can be used to control the symptoms caused by certain pathologies but it does not attack them directly. The CDB oil can be a homemade product because it is made by diluting the compound extracted from the plant in carrier oil. This could be, for example, coconut, olive, sunflower or hemp oil. Besides the oil, the CBD can be found in other presentations: diluted in water, in capsules, in dyes, in spray, in infusion of plants and in creams.

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Vacuum cleaners are the most demanded cleaning products worldwide because they are considered useful and simple when doing any work of this type. It is common to find them in homes, especially in those that have carpets and rugs since their use is essential for the maintenance of these decoration elements. Nonetheless, despite being a device widely used and known by people of all ages, it is appropriate to ask the following question:

Do you know how to use the vacuum cleaner effectively?

Many people answer with a "yes" to this question, however, it is quite common to use vacuum cleaners inappropriately when cleaning the house. Most of those who are dedicated to housework ensure that its correct use is based on turning on the machine and move it around the room, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Usually, people thing that the best way to use vacuums is by following a "W" pattern, it means, they are moved backward, then forward and then backward again forming an angle, but this practice represents a problem considering that this type of machines are not designed to suction when moving forward, so the "W" pattern is only effective with half of the area. For this reason, it is advisable to vacuum front-to-back, as this movement allows a greater amount of waste collection. Another aspect to consider is the speed with which the cleaning activity is carried out, a hurried use of the vacuum cleaner can leave an incomplete or half-finished termination, it is important to dedicate the necessary time to the work to obtain better results. In turn, it is pertinent to check the condition of each vacuum before each session, to check that its parts are installed correctly or its bag is clean, doing this is vital before performing the process. For example, it is necessary to replace the bag when it is half full, when this limit is exceeded, the device begins to quickly lose the suction power, so it is prudent to keep it empty and have spare parts at hand. It is also very important to establish the height of the brush, if it is set too low, it won't turn on, and if, by contrast, it is located too high, it will not work properly. Its position must be implanted in such a way that it barely touches or rubs the upper part of the surface to extract the unwanted particles from it. In summary, the most effective way to use vacuums for cleaning chairs, carpets and other decoration elements is based on the following points: Movement: Turn the vacuum cleaner on and push it forward quickly (this only serves to position it) and then slowly move it back to start the cleaning tasks. Repeat this process the necessary number of times. Time: Going slowly and dedicating the required hours to this activity is essential since the smaller particles take more time to be collected and, in many cases, it is necessary to execute movements repetitively. State of the device: verifying the good condition and correct installation of the vacuum cleaner and its parts is fairly significant; you should always remember to check the condition of the container as this can directly influence the performance of the machine. Vacuums are great allies for anyone who likes cleaning and its correct use can extend the life of our products and ornament!