In order to provide your ball pythons with the optimal environment and proper care, an enclosure is absolutely essential things. In this post, we are going to talk about the basic things that you need to consider when choosing and preparing your ball python’s home and you will look over our top 2 picks for best ball python enclosure: Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium Extra-Long vs REPTI ZOO Reptile Glass Terrarium. We highly appreciate Carolina Cage since we do not find any dislike point about this cage. However, it is much more expensive than other ball python cages available out there.

#1 Cage sizing

At first, you have to choose the enclosure has a suitable size for your ball python. Generally speaking, an adult ball python (over 3 years old) needs an enclosure at least 36 x 18 x 18 inches, equivalent to a 30-40 gallons tank. If you want your ball python to have large space for growing, then consider Caroline Extra-Long Terrarium since it is generously sized to accommodate adult pythons and even some decorations. It measures 48L x 18D x 18H inches. This size makes it perfect for a ground-dwelling ball python. Repti Zoo glass terrarium measures 24L x 18D x 18H inches. It is slightly smaller at length than Caroline Extra-Long cage. This dimension is large enough to house an adult ball python.

#2 Design and Secure

The best enclosure for ball python should be convenient design and secure since snakes will always prefer to escape from the cage and explore the world outside. It should not contain any large holes, unsecured mesh lid, or easy to open sliding door. Caroline is a sleek design and durably constructed from all glass with sliding front doors. The door features with the key lock security, which prevents your ball python from escaping. Not only that, but this cage also allows modifications with holes for wiring. Caroline comes with 6,3 inches waterproof base that prevents the leaking and excessive humidity. Repti zoo cage also features an all-glass construction with hinged doors. It is designed with a raised bottom glass panel, which allows you easy to place a heat pat or substrate heater. The front door can open separately, allow you easy to feed and access inside. It features the waterproof bottom. Moreover, Repti zoo cage includes a reliable specially designed lock that will prevent unwanted opening from children or in case if your ball python trying to escape. This is an extra security method to keep the animals in the terrarium. However, there is the drawback is that some users complained about the durability of Repti Zoo cage. The cracks can be appeared after a period of time using.

#3 Lid and ventilation

The lid of the terrarium should be solid, stable and also good ventilation. Ball Python needs some fresh air in its enclosure and the ventilation lid is a great solution for circulating the air and also good for regulated temperature and humidity inside the tank. It also needs fresh air to reduce the unpleasant smell from ball python bedding. Carolina terrarium features the metal screen top, which will ensure the security and good air circulation. Repti Zoo cage has a tough screen top to provide ventilation and allows for infrared and UVB penetration. It is also designed with window ventilation on left and right. But it does not have the ventilation on the front so the humidity levels will not be reduced.

The kitchen faucet is an indispensable device in every kitchen, from home kitchen to commercial kitchen. And the commercial kitchen faucet is now being gradually equipped by many home cooks for non-commercial kitchens. It has reason to become so. The best commercial kitchen faucets have many advantages over a conventional one. And for your understanding, we have prepared a number of reasons why you should buy the commercial kitchen faucet instead of a conventional appliance. This post will also help commercial kitchen owners be more sure of their options. Hmm, you may like this first: Best Commercial Kitchen Sink 2020: Restaurant Equipment Reviews.

#1 Professional appearance

Today's commercial kitchen faucets are almost all featuring swan antique designs or U-shaped designs. These designs are simple, but give a striking appearance to your kitchen. The design is simple, no frills, but it is enough to bring a professional feel like in commercial kitchens. If you put this device in a central location in the kitchen, it becomes even more prominent.

#2 Easy to use

The common point of commercial kitchen faucets is that they are easy to use. Commercial kitchens require all operations to be quick in order to serve customers promptly. Therefore, these commercial faucets are usually easy to use and manipulate. And this is the right choice for your kitchen. Moreover, they are very easy to install and maintain. The simple design brings not only ease of use but also installation and maintenance.

#3 Flexibility

In commercial kitchens, the most important factor is hygiene. And to ensure this element always exists, the commercial kitchen faucets are often designed with great flexibility to allow you to clean them easily after cooking. Many faucets can extend and change the form of water spray, so you can wash pots, pans, and bowls flexibly. It also helps you to clean the faucet itself more simply.

#4 Warranty

The warranty for commercial kitchen faucets is usually longer than conventional models. Their warranty period is usually about 5 years, but now that number is increasing. Many manufacturers are willing to provide lifetime warranty for their customers when buying their products. And others come with many policies that benefit customers.

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Did you know that the best way to keep your reptiles happy, healthy and go with you for so long is frequently clean their cage? If you are keeping a leopard gecko, it is the good news that they do not require the daily cage maintenance like some other reptiles. You should create the cleaning schedule and spend your time cleaning out the leopard gecko cage. The most difficult part of this work is the cleaning of substrate for leopard gecko. The frequency of cleaning and replacing substrate will depend on the material of the substrate that you are using. In this post, we will discuss how to clean a leopard gecko substrate and cage.

How often do you need to clean the substrate?

In order to prevent the growth of bacterial, mold or any viral infections, it is better to do the cage maintenance daily if you have time. Cleaning dirty spot where your geckos go for the toilet every day and remove any waste of food and poop that you can see.  The frequency of changing or cleaning substrate will depend on the material of substrate:

Paper towels

You need to replace paper towels for once or twice times per week, replacing the wet or dirty spots as it is get soiled. Should only placing about 1 or 2 layers of paper towels. Do not put too much or if the paper towels get pretty wet, it will become paper pulp Paper towels are the best leopard gecko substrate for those who have a limited budget.


Similar to paper towels, newspapers also should be replaced once or twice per week. It is recommended to put 5-6 layers of newspapers in the cage for the substrate sturdy and good at absorbent.

Reptile Carpet

Beside daily remove wastes and poop, reptile carpet should be clean for 2-3 times per month. You also should replace it after 3-4 times washes or when the carpet fibers is loose. Washing the carpet with antibacterial soap and then hang it until it is dry. Reptile carpet is the best bedding for leopard geckos since it does not harm your pet.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles floor needs to be cleaned once per month and removed the waste every day. Tiles should be washed with hot soapy water and steam cleaner.

Loose Substrate

If you are using a loose substrate, it is extremely easy to clean. Using a scoop to find and remove any poop or excess food and feeder. It is just a little amount of loose need to be replaced in each time of cleaning. However, you should replace the entire loose substrate for every 3-4 months.

When the term comes to choose best 420 seed bank Canada, you have plenty of options, as Canada is the country, growing high quality seeds around the world, with top rated services, Canada is listed one of the famous brand in the world. One thing, we need to mention, with some conditions in Canada, it is legal to buy seed & grow marijuana by an act passed in October, 2018. Here, we have brought short details of top 5 Canadian seed banks, that you will definitely find your desired products for your nest purchase.
  1. Crop King Seed: In Canada, Crop King Seed bank regarded as best seed company with the availability of huge collection including feminized seed, auto-flowering feminized seeds, dwarf auto-feminized seeds. They also offer specific strains enriched with CBD, CBD Auto Cheese, CBDream Fem, to medical purpose. They have multiple payment system including Bitcoin acceptance, standard shipping facility both in Canada & US.
  1. Montreal Cannabis Seed: Our second choice Montreal Cannabis Seed bank, with high class quality control, provide you guarantee of replacement in case of any germinated seed. They accept credit card, debit card, bitcoin etc. with shipping time ranges 2-7 days within Canada.
  2. True North Seed Bank: True North Seed bank ensures quality product, their collection flooded with regular seed, feminized seed, hybrid strains with better packaging and replacement guarantee if needed. They have better customer service with repeated promotional offers like 20% free if you join them in their mailing list, having shipping ability across whole Canada & worldwide.
  3. Vancouver Seed Bank: Collection of top quality seed, they can give you seeds offering of multiple tastes. Even the customer could have full refund policy or replacement, if they are not satisfied, and have germinated free products with the instructions given by Vancouver Seed Bank.
  4. Toronto Cannabis Seed: Their collection rich with home-grown feminized, regular, high CBD, auto-flowering & medical seed including classic strains & newer strains at a great competitive price make them the title of one of the "Best 420 Seed Bank Canada".

Bearded dragons cage not only the place to keep your pet but also the safe home that they spend most of their time in it and allow them to do all the natural behaviors. If you are a DIY fan and thinking about DIY the cage for your bearded dragons, so the wooden terrarium will be the best ideal for you. So how to build a bearded dragon cage out of wood, this post is a basic guide that might suit your needs.

Planning your bearded dragons cage

Your bearded dragons should be kept the horizontal cage. All the cage sides are made using plywood with the glass install on tracks. Your bearded dragons require enough space to move and hide in the cage.  It also has room for install lighting, heater, substrate, etc. Bearded dragons are small reptile but they move around a lot, so they will need 8-32 square feet of space. Once you have decided on the size and shape of the cage, you should create a sketch of your cage to avoid any mistake and plan what you need to buy. With the wooden cage, you do not need a lot of tools. You will need a bag of screws, a drill and silicone adhesive.

Row material you will need

With the enclosure about 4’ wide, 2’ deep, 2’ tall, you will have an ideal size cage for an adult bearded dragon. The raw materials you will need for this DIY cage out of wood are: 2 sheets of wood with the same size use for the top and bottom of the cage that is 1200mm x 610mm x 10mm. 1 sheet used for the back that is 1200mm x 630mm x 10mm. 2 sheets with the same size use for the sides that are 610mm x 610mm. 2 glass sheets used for the doors of the age that are 610mm x 605mm x 5mm. 2 Glass runners are 1000mm long and about 10mm high. To ensure the success of the cage, you can buy the pre-cut sheet of wood; you will have very little things left to do. You can buy these wood pre-cut in any DIY shop.

Construct the cage

Attach all the walls of the cage using a screw. This step is quite easy for everyone. Then the next step is to add the runners by using silicone adhesive. You should leave these runners for 12 hours before installing the door. Install the door by place it into the top runner and fall into the bottom of the runner. Add the second sheet of the cage and you will finish your DIY wooden bearded dragons cage.

We all know that heat is particularly important for reptiles. Heat is essential for reptiles to maintain their internal doing, and to digest their food. They also need heat to be able to reproduce, improve the circulation of blood and increase a healthy immune system. There are some different types of reptile heater out there such as heat pads, heat lamps, heat tape, heat cables, heat rock, etc. But whatever types of heater you are using, there are also some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

#1 Create the thermal gradient

In the natural, reptiles move around their environment to the warmer and cooler area to find the temperature that they need at this time. In the enclosure, you also should give them a chance to adjust their own body temperature like that. Allow them to seek heat when they need and taking the heat off as well. Setting up the tank so the temperature will gradually decrease from one side to the other side, is called a thermal gradient. You can create this environment by placing the heater on only one side of the tank.

#2 Thermometer

You may need more than a heater in your enclosure. In order to ensure the temperature is proper and curacy, you should monitor the actual temperature by using the thermometer. And not all the best reptile heat mat comes with a thermometer so you need to invest in a separate one. There are varieties of thermometer for reptiles available such as a stick-on thermometer that attach to the outside of the tank. Digital thermometers with a probe placed inside the tank and connected with an LCD display outside. And temperature guns which will allow you to measure the temperature at any specific place.

#3 Thermostat

If you really concern about the exact temperature insider your vivarium, you can add the best reptile thermostat to your reptile heater systems. Too hot or too cold can also be very dangerous to your reptiles. A thermostat is especially promoting its effects if your heat source is producing too much amount of heat. This device will allow you to control the intensity of your heat source. It is not a good signal if your reptiles basking under the heater all day. Because of the temperature that they like not the best temperature for their health.

The DIY LED Grow Light is a great product to use. The gear assembled will make for an important step in the right direction. New users will want to make the most out of the opportunity. The DIY LED Grow light has some style and will be effective as well. The project can give a head start to any farm work that is being done. New farmers need some helpful hints to get the plants going strong. The DIY LED grow light is on the market for anyone interested in it. The DIY LED Grow light is going to sell quickly to customers. They want to make the project a success in the long run as well. The reviews for the DIY LED grow light are important. That offers some more info that people will need before starting. They need to know all the info before they buy the right gear. The DIY LED grow light project has been surprising to people. They see the real potential of the gear that is for sale. New farmers will want to invest in their ongoing project going forward. They want to purchase gear that they can assemble quickly. The reviews suggest that people will want to get the right set of gear. Get some experience and make the reviews count for the project ahead of time. The cost of the supplies should be minimal for people. The supplies are working to impress a lot of new buyers on the market today. They want to learn more details and pay a fair price for products. The DIY LED grow light is a supportive concept to farmers. They want to get an advantage and make their plants grow quickly. The fair price and smart methods will convince anyone to learn more details in time.

The use of a deep concealment holster can be common among police personnel. To the shooters as well, best deep concealment holster can be an item of significant advantage. It is a way to carry a spare weapon without disturbing the rest of your body's movement. There are specific qualities for holsters that provides deep concealment before a purchase is made.

#1 Comfort

A deep concealment holster hanging behind you or a belt can leave blemishes on your skin. Then, the shrouded transport spreads should cover your garments. The metal clasps on the ranges will wear pants on the off chance that you pick ineffectively. Additionally, when you sit with a belt holster, you will press the weapon against your back and side. Or on the other hand, if the condition is low, you will push towards the barrel that will hurt your skin. The solace level permits you to convey the unit for the day without feeling any weight or dying.

#2 Conceal-ability

You need to hide the issue from people's eyes, which is why you need this component to provide proper concealment. Nothing good hiding place for weapons should leave any of their designs for fabric or casing layers. Besides, the carrier must cover the operator for safety. You will not want to shoot accidentally while shooting through the community. Some types of rifle holster s are IWB, or Inside the Waistband, the holster s can be kept secret between pants and underpants, so they provide maximum masking. In this way, he keeps the weapon as close to his body as possible.

#3 Accessibility

In an emergency, you must have quick access to your firearm. Cover design should be easy to remove. Also, upholstery in the weapon does not have to be closed tightly while providing security.

#4 Retention

It is a way of saying, "Stand still." Put your gun in the case and turn it upside down, and if it falls, you need a better situation. Keeping it shouldn't be so tight that you can get it out in position. Click this link to read more gun accessories.

Pythons are amongst the most popular snake species in the world. They belong to a family that is known as Pythonidae and there are at least 26 species that are available. One of the most popular is the reticulated python, which is known as the longest snake. Another popular member of the family is the ball python, which is a well-known pet snake. Even if pythons are common choices for household pets, there are still many who fear such, thinking that they can pose significant risks to humans. Are pythons venomous? Keep on reading and we’ll answer the question and provide some more valuable insights about pythons.

#1 Pythons are Non-Venomous

To answer the question in the title of this post, no, pythons are non-venomous. This means that their bite won’t harm or poison humans. Their fangs may scare many, but the truth is that they do not contain poison that could stop the blood from circulating or the cells from functioning. They cannot kill humans only through biting. Because they are non-venomous, you do not need to use repellents to keep snakes away and to prevent python snake bite.

#2 Pythons are Dangerous

However, despite the fact that pythons are non-venomous species of snake, this does not automatically mean that they won’t pose any danger to humans. You still have a reason to fear their presence. There are some species that could squeeze you to death! They can be large enough to strangle you until you cannot be able to breathe. There have been plenty of real-life cases around the world that can prove this claim. A quick Google search will reveal some of the situations that you wish will never confront you!

#3 When Pythons Attack

Because the fangs of pythons do not contain venom, there is little concern about their bite. At its worst, it can hurt a bit, which will depend on how deep it was able to penetrate the skin. There could also be bleeding, but this is nothing too extreme and won’t lead to serious blood loss. Once the python is away of the skin, wash it with water and an antibacterial soap. Cover it to prevent infection but be sure to air it out every now and then to allow the skin to breathe. It will also be best to have the proper attire when you are out in the open to prevent python snake bite. However, when pythons wrap around you, it is a different story. You should be concerned as soon as possible. Be quick on your feet to take control of the situation before you are overpowered by the attacker. Grab a knife, stick, or any sharp object and stab the python repeatedly. In most cases, pythons won’t attack humans unless they are disturbed. In sum, pythons are non-venomous. When bitten, they do not poison the blood or the human body. However, it should be pointed out that they are constrictors. Some species are large enough to wrap around the human body, which can cause death.

Crested geckos are popular and ideal pets for people who do not have any experience of keeping a pet before. They have a lot of personalities and characteristics that will make you surprise. In this post, we synthesis some fun facts about crested gecko and maybe you will have more reason to keep your own crested gecko. Do crested geckos have eyelids? Crested geckos look like they have eyelids but they are not. The fact that these things seem to their eyelids are simply small scales or ridges.  Therefore, they keep their eyes moist and clean by licking their eyeballs. Do crested geckos have teeth? Yes, they are. But these teeth are very small and not sharp at all. Although crested gecko is quite docile and well behaved but in some cases, when crested geckos want to self-defense, they will bite. However, they cannot cause any real threat. Crested geckos can jump very well. They are arboreal that meant they prefer to climbing and jumping on the tress. They spend most of their life to live between leaves. They are using their back and front legs when jumping. This is the reason why you should provide them a taller cage and some trees in their enclosure. Do crested geckos shed? It is absolutely yes. Like other lizards, crested geckos shed their skin regularly. This process is essential for them to continue growing their cycle life. Crested geckos will shed their skin about once per month and it takes 15-20 minutes for doing this process. You should prepare the best reptile humidifiers to support them shed easier. Crested geckos have small claws, which helps them stick to some surfaces when jumping and climbing. But these claws are not sharp at all. You should add some accessories to help them wear down their nails. Crested geckos are crepuscular, which meant they tend to active at dawn and dusk. Crested geckos do all the activities such as eating, bathing, matching, playing when it is dawn and dusk. In contract, they would like to hide and rest in the trees during the daytime.