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Morten is happy to comment to the media on issues relevant to his areas of experience:
  • Pull communication in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Use of technology in pharmaceutical marketing

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For media enquires regarding either Agnitio or Anthill, please contact: Agnitio: Marketing Manager Mads Bjarni-Kornbech, [email protected] , +45 70 23 23 12 Anthill: Marketing Manager Veronika Losova, [email protected] , +45 70 20 26 25
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Morten is a regular speaker at pharmaceutical industry events and panel discussions. He also teaches workshops on pull communication and the use of technology in pharmaceutical marketing.

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Forthcoming speaking engagements

  • Digital Pharma Advances, London, January 28th 2015
  • EyeForPharma Barcelona 2015, Barcelona March 18th 2015

Recent speaking engagements

  • Digital Pharma Europe Rome 2015
  • EyeForPharma Barcelona 2015, March 26th
  • EyeForPharma Barcelona 2014, Barcelona March 19th 2014
  • Digital Pharma Europe, Berlin, March 6th 2014
  • MENG NJ, New Jersey, January 10th 2014
  • Agnitio Webinar, December 5th 2013
  • MENG NY, New York, November 4th 2013
  • Digital Pharma East, Philadelphia, October 17th 2013
  • DigiPharm, London, October 9th 2013
  • CBI Mobile Forum for Life Science, Philadelphia, August 21st 2013
  • ‘Around the World’, Danish journal Borsen, Copenhagen, June 19th 2013
  • ThinkDigital, London, June 13th 2013
  • US MENGinar, May 9th 2013
  • Agnitio webinar “Sales Rep or Service Rep”, May 8th 2013
  • MENG Chicago chapter, Chicago, May 7th 2013
  • “Individualization” webinar with eye4pharma, April 9th 2013
  • SFE 2013 in Kiev, April 4th 2013
  • Sales Force Effectiveness 2013, Barcelona, March 19-21st 2013
  • Digital Pharma Europe, Paris, February 25-27th 2013
  • SMEI webinar on CLM, February 19th 2013
  • Digital Pharma Advances, London, January 31st 2013
  • Webinar on ‘Liberating Mobile Technology’, January 23rd 2013
  • Multichannel Mobile Strategies conference, London, November 30th 2012
  • Conference on ‘Closed Loop Learning’, Shanghai, November 21st 2012
  • Commercial & SFE and Marketing conference, Berlin, September 26th 2012
  • Pull Marketing session at ICT Eurasia Summit in Istanbul, September 12th 2012

Customized engagements


Agnitio helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies generate effective relationships with medical professionals by understanding and responding to individual needs. This helps change the role of company representatives from just ‘message delivery’ into a partner who engages in dialogue and service provision. For decades companies have been forced to squeeze customers into large segments – GPs, Specialists, males/females, ABCs – simply because printed detailing material didn’t allow for better targeting. Because targeting couldn’t be precise, it was the volume of sales calls that mattered. And a single message would be endless repeated. Now, with Agnitio, it can be the quality of individual doctor’s experience. By providing engaging interactive materials that allow people to choose the information they want to see, and carefully recording what interests them, you get an ever more precise understanding of a doctor’s interests and needs. From the doctor’s perspective, this means that the initial sales call is more interesting andthen it continually improves as you provide information and services that matter most to them. Anthill is a global provider of integrated digital business communication and is recognized as the leading agency of Closed Loop Marketing and multichannel communication solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. We have unprecedented knowledge from 1000+ Closed Loop Marketing and multichannel projects implemented over the last 10 years, both globally and locally. Our range of services allows you to connect with your target markets through innovative and measurable activities. We create digital experiences for your customers that stand out and make sure your message is heard, remembered and spread. It’s this tailored and well-measured approach that ensures your ROI on marketing spend. We offer an optimized blend of strategy, planning, creativity and analysis, utilizing up-to-date technologies to deliver fully managed and highly successful digital marketing and sales solutions. Our main focus is the switch of marketing communication from push to pull, from one-directional to interactive, and from multi-target to a tailor-made approach. We strongly believe that high impact digital marketing tools are created at the intersection of creativity and technology. We are at the forefront of new technologies and our experienced creative team will deliver innovative customer experiences for your preferred software platform. CK was founded by Morten Hjelmsoe back in 1986 and was for decades the leading Danish company within visualization and animation of industrial products. With a background in engineering the company helped companies with complex products to visualize, and explain their benefits. The clients was to be found within and out of Scandinavia counting manufacturing customers like Siemens, Alcatel, Ansaldo, Alfa Laval but also design companies like Bang & Olufsen, Louis Poulsen and Fritz Hansen furniture. In the mid nineties CK started to create visual sales presentations for companies within the Healthcare sector opening Morten’s eyes for the unique and tough sales and marketing situation within the industry. Never letting a challenge passing by the company started building expertise within the area – and eventually leading to development of the worlds first Closed Loop Marketing system (then called Sales Force Impact). But it wasn’t before 6 years later in 2001 Agnitio was “caved” out of CK as an independent company focusing entirely on the healthcare industry. Despite being a very small company Agnitio was “born” global – reaching out to pharma marketers wherever interest for this new technology and approach was shown. One of Agnitio’s tag lines was actually “We are not from Denmark, England, Finland or Ireland – we are from Pharmaland” These words very much still counts.

A inflatable hot tub is a product from the last 5 years. The convenience of having a inflatable hot tub when moving out the house, taking it to friends or cleaning the hot tub is more easy. There are however a lot of inflatable hot tub’s out there. We refer to this review which are some of the best inflatable hot tubs out there. The product we are talking about is more than a luxury accessory in your garden, balcony or roof top. Various medical websites and researches have revealed and studied the benefits of a jacuzzi or hot tub. It has physical advantages as well as health benefits. After a busy day at work with stress, sit in your jacuzzi, it will give this relaxing feeling. This line is common to most people, but there is more. The warm beams also can be beneficial to people with back pains or to people with joint problems. In combination with some light exercises under water, an inflatable hot tub can be very good for your health. You don’t have to be alone though with an inflatable jacuzzi, invite family and friends and enjoy the jacuzzi with a nice drink. You could also take the jacuzzi (since it is a pick up and go version) to your family and friends. Enjoy cold winter nights in the warm water or the summer in your jacuzzi. Another beneficial application of a hot tub is that most of them have a feet beam option. Most people underestimate their feet and the effect is has on your total body. Try having a feet massage every week, there are some scientific papers that show a feet massage every week increased your total life span. A hot tub with a feet massage beam application can be even more beneficial for your health. Beams also are good for muscle pain after a good work out. It relaxes the muscles and are good for the healing process of the muscles itself. How long should you stay in an inflatable hot tub anyway? The most regular and common time to enjoy your hot tub and also benefit from a all the mentioned health applications is 20-30 minutes. After this, a longer stay is beneficial to your mind, but not your body.

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If you’ve looked through the site and have something relevant to share with Morten, please send it right along. On any other matters, please contact him at: [email protected]

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For inquiries on either Agnitio or Anthill, please contact: Agnitio: Chief Operations Officer Eyal Steinitz, [email protected], +45 70 23 23 12 Anthill: Vice President Sebastian Koelsch, [email protected] , +45 70 20 26 25

Short version

Morten Hjelmsø is an expert and visionary within technology-enabled pull communication and recognized as a leading figure in pharmaceutical sales and marketing today. Advising several blue chip corporations, Morten continues to expand the potential of both new technology and its application.

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Morten Hjelmsø is an expert and visionary within technology-enabled pull communication and recognized as a leading figure in pharmaceutical sales and marketing today. Advising several blue chip corporations, Morten continues to expand the potential of both new technology and its application. Starting out in the engineering business, Morten then worked in the finance and telecommunication sector before finding the ultimate communication challenge: the healthcare industry with its complexity and myriad constraints. Today Morten advises top healthcare companies around the world on how to revitalize their relationships with medical professionals. As a business man, Morten has founded five million-Euro companies – including the world’s leading closed loop marketing company Agnitio and one of the largest creative digital agencies, Anthill.

Vacuum cleaners are the most demanded cleaning products worldwide because they are considered useful and simple when doing any work of this type. It is common to find them in homes, especially in those that have carpets and rugs since their use is essential for the maintenance of these decoration elements. Nonetheless, despite being a device widely used and known by people of all ages, it is appropriate to ask the following question:

Do you know how to use the vacuum cleaner effectively?

Many people answer with a "yes" to this question, however, it is quite common to use vacuum cleaners inappropriately when cleaning the house. Most of those who are dedicated to housework ensure that its correct use is based on turning on the machine and move it around the room, but it’s not as simple as it seems. Usually, people thing that the best way to use vacuums is by following a "W" pattern, it means, they are moved backward, then forward and then backward again forming an angle, but this practice represents a problem considering that this type of machines are not designed to suction when moving forward, so the "W" pattern is only effective with half of the area. For this reason, it is advisable to vacuum front-to-back, as this movement allows a greater amount of waste collection. Another aspect to consider is the speed with which the cleaning activity is carried out, a hurried use of the vacuum cleaner can leave an incomplete or half-finished termination, it is important to dedicate the necessary time to the work to obtain better results. In turn, it is pertinent to check the condition of each vacuum before each session, to check that its parts are installed correctly or its bag is clean, doing this is vital before performing the process. For example, it is necessary to replace the bag when it is half full, when this limit is exceeded, the device begins to quickly lose the suction power, so it is prudent to keep it empty and have spare parts at hand. It is also very important to establish the height of the brush, if it is set too low, it won't turn on, and if, by contrast, it is located too high, it will not work properly. Its position must be implanted in such a way that it barely touches or rubs the upper part of the surface to extract the unwanted particles from it. In summary, the most effective way to use vacuums for cleaning chairs, carpets and other decoration elements is based on the following points: Movement: Turn the vacuum cleaner on and push it forward quickly (this only serves to position it) and then slowly move it back to start the cleaning tasks. Repeat this process the necessary number of times. Time: Going slowly and dedicating the required hours to this activity is essential since the smaller particles take more time to be collected and, in many cases, it is necessary to execute movements repetitively. State of the device: verifying the good condition and correct installation of the vacuum cleaner and its parts is fairly significant; you should always remember to check the condition of the container as this can directly influence the performance of the machine. Vacuums are great allies for anyone who likes cleaning and its correct use can extend the life of our products and ornament!

The business landscape is changing. Disruptive business models emerge in many industries, bringing down brands that weren’t able to adapt. The same will happen to the pharmaceutical industry. Either you will be the one leading the disruption, or you will be disrupted. Morten Hjelmsoe, CEO and founder of Anthill and Agnitio, is speaking at Digital Pharma Europe conference in Rome about importance of embracing digital in the life sciences industry. More in the infographics below.