The Golf Swing Shirt is a training aid that enhances your golf swing through improving your body and arm’s connection all through the swing and Best Golf Cart Accessories to improve your golf cart. This extraordinary item is centered on improving your swing developments and getting your swing repeatable through the connection feeling. The SwingShirt was produced by Ray Rapcavage a few years ago and embraced by European golfer Padraig Harrington in one year later. Mel Davies, a Golfshake ambassador tried out the Swing Shirt alongside his Pro Noel Woodman from Kidderminster Golf Club in 2017.

#1 Tech Specs

The shirt is intended to fit cozier than a standard shirt, which advances the body connection as you swing the club. This “connection” is as most extraordinary ball strikers feel and it is the key to awesome golfing. The structure of the shirt and restrictive pressure texture quickly imparts “connection” and overtime muscle memory. The shirt can be utilized on the golf course and on the range with each club in the bag including the putter.

#2 Looks

It looks somewhat bizarre when you first observe it, particularly with the “trunk” out in front. It’s well made and feels like the usual cool/warm gear worn underneath polo shirts. I was lucky to experiment with the dark shirt which isn’t as brilliant as the orange form.

#3 Feel

lt feels exceptionally weird but after a couple of swings, it appears to be considerably more agreeable and typical. It allows you to accomplish your own swing, yet placing you in a superior, more solid and repeatable position.

#4 Performance

I observed the swing shirt to be a decent item and will keep on using it through the coming months. I was also able to draw on Noel Woodman Professional at Kidderminster to formally review the shirt: “The swing shirt is an incredible guide for enhancing your swing. It enabled my arms work more intensely with my body and makes me swing more consistently to produce straighter shots. I would highly recommend the swing shirt to any golfer needing to make enduring changes to their game”

#1 Pros

An extraordinary swing aid that is anything but difficult to utilize and gives instant input as you see straight away. The effects can be seen right from the shots you hit.

#2 Cons

It was difficult for me to put on but after wearing it a few times, it became easier to wear.

#5 Primary concern

An awesome training aid that is anything but difficult to utilize, no assembly required and arrives in a convenient package. You can purchase the SwingShirt from GolfSwingSystems in the UK from £59.95 – and I honestly feel it’s a sensible cost for a guide that will just improve your game and swing. It doesn’t matter your golfing level or whether you’re trying to get better because the shirt can become your best companion.

There is an important thing that every cannabis growers should note that cannabis will require nutrients at some point throughout their life cycle. Not only that, each life stages even need specific types of nutrients. Fertilizers and nutrients can help your plants grow and thrive, resulting in a healthy plant, rich yield, bigger buds. Nutrients are essential and should not be skipped. However, choosing the right types of nutrients can be tricky, what is the affordable, dependable nutrient products to promote cannabis plants grow? I put up here a list of top cannabis nutrients to helps you better understand and easier choose the perfect one for your plants.

Top 10 Cannabis Nutrients 2021

Amazon best-selling product B01IM88KKI CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#1 Humboldts Secret Base A & B Bundle - Supports Vegetative and Flowering Stages of Plants

This product comes in two separate bundles and contains all of the nutrients cannabis plants will require to flourish. Nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and Fulvic acid are all components included in this nutrient. The Humboldts Secret has a good reputation and claims to have incorporated secret substances that improve the functioning of basic nutrient. The Base A has the NPK ratio is 4-0-1, makings it perfect to use in vegetative stage. And the base B comes with 1-4-2 NPK ratio, you should use it throughout the flowering stage. It is recommended to apply this product frequently every time you water your cannabis to get the optimal result. Amazon best-selling product B007FNPIV6 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#2 Rock Nutrients Rock Resinator Heavy Yields for Gardening

The NPK ratio of Rock Nutrients Rock Resinator is 0-7-8, it is rich in potassium and phosphorus, which help your cannabis gain weight and growth big. It contains citric metabolites that speed up the kreb cycle. This nutrient should be used during blooming stage of cannabis to increase quality and quantity of buds. The ingredients are natural, basic, plants extract, guarantee that it is safe for your plants, resulting the best grade cannabis possible. This product helps produce heavier, abundant harvest thanks to the triple action technique, which employs the newest bio stimulating technology. Amazon best-selling product B01KE9SXZU CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#3 Eco Organics My Weed Minerals Ionic Trace Micro Nutrients for Growing Marijuana

While the other nutrients and fertilizers are made for many plant types, My Weed Minerals is made especially for cannabis. It has a number of well-known minerals that are essential for cannabis plants' metabolic synthesis transition. As a result, your marijuana will be more potent and increase its effective. This product contains 62 nutrients and completely filled with NPK fertilizers. It also stimulates faster, stronger root development. It also stimulates plant genetics in the final stage, resulting in bigger buds. The product is recommended to apply as foliar spay in the flowering stage to encourage trichomes. Amazon best-selling product B07QLJLV49 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#4 Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Flower Booster Bloom Enhancer Stimulator

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy can be the most widely used bud nutrients available. It combines all of the essential elements for a dense bud, such as vitamins, amino acids, and carbs. Furthermore, the company have continuously studied and innovated the most effective carbs to include in this product for optimum benefit. Not only helps produce heavy, bigger buds, this fertilizer also improves your bud’s taste, flavor and perfume. Amazon best-selling product B0116RAF46 CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#5 Advanced Nutrients 6201-14AB pH Perfect Sensi Grow Part A+B

Every grower's dream is to get off to a good start while growing cannabis, but it can be a bit difficult, especially for new growers. It is also a challenge that the grower may have is obtaining well balanced pH levels. Generally, growers will have to adjust and monitor the pH level constantly to get the best result. However, this product will help you easier this task by maintaining the appropriate pH for cannabis. This product comes in a two-part package for vegetative and flower stages of cannabis. It aids in the strengthening of the stems, speed up the growth process, and promote lush foliage. Amazon best-selling product B01I4U0NYK CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#6 General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set

This product comes in a pack of 3 bottle, which is extremely useful to use throughout growth cycle. It is designed for each growth stage. This fertilizer is also renowned for providing a nice taste, robust flower development, and tasty buds. It is recommended for outdoor garden since it strengthens the root system. It will helps increase grow rate and assist your cannabis plants avoid nutritional shortage. These nutrients can be used for both soil garden and hydroponic system. Amazon best-selling product B00EN8AHGM CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#7 Blue Planet Nutrients Elite Complete Plant Food Fertilizer Base Nutrients

Blue Planet Nutrient Elite Series includes 3 containers, which is designed particularly for the cannabis’s nutrients required. These nutrients are effective in assisting you in producing the bigger buds with the rich harvest. This hydroponic fertilizer system is inexpensive and each container is 1 quart. The containers are Grow, Micro, and Bloom, they are designed with different formulas and NPK ratio or specific stages for marijuana cycle. You can use it for both outdoor, indoor as well as any growth medium like soil, hydroponic systems, aeroponic, coco-coir, etc. Amazon best-selling product B014UAEPVK CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

#8 Dyna-Gro DYNAGB8OZSET Liquid Grow & Liquid Bloom

Another popular weed-growing fertilizer is Dyna-Gro Liquid. Their formula is mixing of vital micro and macronutrients, making it perfect cannabis at all stages of development. Form vegetative to the end of the cycle, it will help cannabis plants growth healthy, robust and generate delicious aromas, flavors, thick buds. It offers excellent quality at a reasonable price and comprises 16 important minerals.

A meat slicer is slowly become common in butcher shops, delis, restaurants, and even home kitchens. Usually, meat slicers are used to cut cooked, cold meats into thin slices. They can also be used to slice, vegetable, and hard cheeses. Most meat slicers are made for commercial use, that means they often designed to perform heavy duty tasks in restaurants or butcher shops more often than they are found in homes. Howevrr, many cooks find that best home meat slicer are handy to have around as they are compact, low cost and also produce quality meat slices.  

#1 Best overall meat slicers

Best overall meat slicers for home use that means they are affordable, durable easy to use, and allow to adjust the thickness of slices. We would like to recommend Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum, OSTBA meat slicer, Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli. They are best meat slicer for home use. Also, they feature with safety lock to avoid any accident. These slices equip rubber feet make sure the machines do not move around too much while in use. They are all adjustable slice thickness, which allow you to adjust the slice thickness per your need. All of the parts are also removable which makes it very easy to clean up.

#2 Best quality premium meat slicer

The only drawback of this type of meat slicer is that they are relatively expensive. But if looking for a professional quality meat slicer, you might want to consider Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer, Cusimax Food Slicer. They are both suitable for restaurant and home use. They meet almost your need when it comes to slicing meats. It is a little expensive at around $110 - $160. Assembly and disassembly of these slicers are very easy, and removing and cleaning the blade are convenient and quick. It is easily adjustable to change the thickness of the cuts.

#3 Best budget

You can easy find some best meat slicers under $100 in the market place. Elite Platinum, Cuisinart Kitchen Pro, Chefman Electric Deli Slicer are some slicers that you can get with at just about $60. Many users say these meat slicers does exactly what they are made to do. That means they enough for home use easy to use, not super quiet but not too loud. They may not as powerful as all the others higher quality slicers but it will still get the job done. Overall, if you are limited budget, they are the perfect tabletop slicer for the home.

Finding for the perfect way to store food can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. But the best airtight containers can make all the difference for your kitchen. The airtight containers can be the solution for your trouble of keeping food fresh for extended periods of time. You can reheat leftovers to work for lunch, store original flavour of your precious spices or coffee beans for a long time and even serve food out of some. These handy containers come in a wide range of different sizes, shape and also materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the type of material must be considered carefully.

#1 Flexible Plastic

Flexible plastic is one of the cheapest types of airtight containers. Due to their price and low quality, I usually use it for only one time. They also can be used multiple times if you are careful maintain them. The least expensive flexible plastic containers are an ideal way to sending food for friends as you do not need to take them back. There are also the higher quality version of flexible plastic containers. They are a bit more expensive but they can use for longer, and are likely to be microwave-safe as well as dishwasher-safe. You can easy find small sets of them with the reasonable price. They are inexpensive enough that you can use for sending food and do not need to return home. However, over a period of time, they tend to cracking or discoloration and need to be replaced.

#2 Hard Plastic

Hard plastic containers are more durable than the flexible one they are also slightly more expensive than flexible plastic containers. The hard plastic airtight containers are typically much lighter than glass while also being dishwasher safe. Most plastic is now also BPA-free and perfectly safe for users.

#3 Glass

The advantages of glass containers are that they are sturdy, stain-proof and won’t retain odors. glass looks smart and is easy to clean that will last for very long. They are multi-purpose that not only for store food, but also are great for marinating, storing flat foods, and using in your oven. Glass containers likely to be safe in the dishwasher, microwaves, refrigerator, and freezer. However, the drawback is that they are heavy, and can be broken. This drawback doesn’t make it the best for taking out, or pack food to take out of the house. This is why many users are more prefer to use plastic containers.

In your home there are many types of appliances made of ceramic. At some point, these devices will become damaged, all or maybe some parts. And to be able to continue using them, repairing them with ceramic glue is the easiest way. The best glue for ceramics will help you to repair your equipment professionally and permanently. With it, you can also do your own ceramic craft project. It will help your craft project quickly complete and more professional. There are many types of glue for ceramic on the market today, but it may be difficult to choose the best one. Below are factors that should be taken care of before buying any glue for ceramic.

#1 Waterproof

First, you really need to consider the water resistance of the ceramic to water. All glues, from glue for metal, glue to fabric to glue to shoes, water resistance is always our top priority. Adhesives that are well waterproof will offer more benefits than you might think. It is also the factor that determines whether the glue bond is strong or not. Ceramic objects often come in heavy contact with water. Some items such as dishes and dishes can be used with a dishwasher, so you should choose glue with outstanding water resistance.

#2 Drying Time

The drying time is also a factor that you should consider when choosing any ceramics glue. The drying time of the glue will determine how much time you have to make a final fix before the material is completely fixed. An instant drying adhesive will not give you time to fix the bond, on the other hand a dry adhesive after a few seconds will allow you to correct if something goes wrong. So you need to pay attention to the drying time of glue to choose a glue that is right for you. We do not recommend choosing a dry glue right away.

#3 Shape

Well, we cover shapes here in terms of how it determines how difficult or easy it is when you apply glue to a material. Some glue comes with a convenient nozzle so you can apply the glue to even the smallest and most inaccessible places. Others come with a brush so you can spread the glue evenly over the surface. These convenient nozzles will make it easier for you to bond the material as well as help you use the right amount of glue.

Hay always plays an important role in your chinchillas’ diet, and it is imperative that it is included. However, there is the problem that many chinchilla owners occasionally notice the quality of the hay differ between packs even when you get them from the same brand. In order to avoid this, you should go with the reliable hay manufacturer. If you’re searching for the best chinchilla hay and you don’t know what is the brand you should believe in, we’re here to help. These following are some indicators of the good brands’ hay.

#1 The color of hay

The first thing you should know is that good brands’ hay is typically green in color. The color of hay will point out the quality and how nutritious the hay is. The hay that being cut and stored in the good condition is usually retains its greenness. If the hay is left in the rain after it is bled, it tent to lose the nutrients contents such as vitamins A, vitamin E, protein and carbohydrates. There are some brand of hay provide the yellow hay packs. It may show that this hay was harvested too late or the rains made it lost its nutritional content. Moreover, the yellowness of hay could be the result of exploring to direct sunlight, what make it decreases carotene content and palatability. The brown hay is also not the prime quality and does not contain lots of nutritious contents. The brownness of hay can be the indicator show that it may be baled when it wet. So that brown hay can contain fungus and bacteria.

#2 Preference

Some chinchilla owners prefer certain brands and stick with these brands their whole lives since they high quality and contains full of necessary nutrients that their chinchillas need. But sometimes, these brands are not what their chinchilla pets prefer to eat. So that the best brand of hay should be what both you and your chinchilla like. Something that chinchilla enjoy eating and also contain all the nutrients it needs. Also, remember that you should not frequently change and offer different brands of hay for your chinchilla in a short period of time. Changing new hay should be occurred gradually.

 #3 The most popular brands

There are some most popular brands today that you will easy find at any pet stores such as Oxbow, Kaytee, Small Pet, American Pet Diner, Kleenmama’s, Feldman’s Hay. Many owners prefer to use Oxbow and we also recommend you to go with Oxbow grass hay. Oxbow is one of the most reputable manufacturers of foods and treat for chinchilla, as well as other types of rodents. They always deliver good products. They produce the hay options that do not contain any bad ingredients or contaminants. Oxbow is seems to be higher quality than Kaytee hay since it contains less protein and is high in fiber, which is good to stimulate the digestive health of chinchillas. If the Oxbow hay is no longer available, you can also go with the hay of Small Pet as the alternative option

Canadian seed bank has been collecting seeds from all over the world and preserving them, especially marijuana. Vancouver seed bank believes that every human has a right to grow whatever he wants. They not only preserve the seeds but also tries to improve them to be better. They also make sure that these seeds are accessible to anyone who may want them. They are against genetic modification and believe that breeding produces the best weed strains. They have collected over 200 different types of cannabis and are readily available in their online store. They have top seeds that are considered top marijuana seeds; they include Gorilla Glue, Strawberry Cheese and Northern lights. Besides having good seeds, they only trade with trusted brands such as next-generation seed. All these seeds offered by Vancouver seed bank are grown locally in Canada The Vancouver seed bank has a wide range of seeds available in their stores to ensure they satisfy their customers' tastes. If you love the quality, Vancouver seed bank is the right choice for as they do not compromise when it comes to choice. They get their seeds from pure genes as they believe in originality. To achieve this, they have a team of experts and growers who carefully selects the seeds. Germination can is a natural process that occurs when you create favorable germinating conditions for seed. However, Vancouver seed bank can guarantee you 80% germination of their seeds as long as you follow the instructions they give. To give the customers an easy time, they offer the process you are supposed to follow. Vancouver seed bank is always aiming at satisfying their customers. If you can't get the seed you need from their store, they will strain and get it for you. You can make a special order for that special seed that you want. They also replace or refund you if the seed you are not happy with the seed you bought. They also offer delivery services for those out of town it takes about two weeks. They do not show any discount offers on their site; however, what you can be assured of is good quality seeds. Vancouver seed bank offers shipment to countries all over the world. However, you must be aware of government restrictions in some countries. They use a discrete shipment system, but the client is responsible for the countries obligation. Shipping is 100% and takes about 14 days. They accept various methods of payment which include, money order, bitcoin or email transfer.

Bedding for your rats is a very important factor in their life. A good quality bedding will go a long way to ensure that your rats stay happy and healthy in their enclosure habitat. Aside from best rat bedding, you also have to know how to proper use it. It is not an easy task or new owners but this post can help you by clean some common questions what that wonder in mind of every rat owner.

#1 What to do if my rat eats the bedding?

Rats normally like to nibble, chew every thing around them sine they are rodents and it sis an innate hobby that you cannot get rid of. The best solution for this case is preventing any harmful effects of eating bedding. It is best to keep a safe chew material in their cage, provide them with only organic and high quality bedding. If there are any problem from digestion, visit a vet urgently.

#2 What are the alternatives to rat bedding?

In the case if you are sudden run out of bedding, there are many material around you can use as rat bedding. You can choose to make use of old clothing, cardboard, newspaper, toilet tissue, etc to place inside the rat cage. But whatever you are choosing, ensure that they are nontoxic, do not contain fragranced. Avoid magazines or anything glossy and only use the soy-based ink newspaper.

#3 How to change and maintain rat’s bedding?

To keep the optimal hygiene and cleaning cage, it is better to change the bedding at least 5 days and clean the platform bottom of the cage as well. It will more frequently if you use paper towel as bedding. However, the bedding should be replace immediately if there is the bed smell in the cage. Use the mixture of vinegar and warm water to rinse the fabric material bedding. Remember to avoid the baking soda.  Vinegar works as a deodorizer and will prevent the growth of mild bacteria, without harming your pets. You can wash the bedding with washing machine by put it in an old pillowcase. You also can make it dry by throw it in the dryer.

Once you get the best hedgehog cage, you only go a half way to for the perfect hedgehog enclosure habitat. Your tiny pets need more than just food and shelter. The best bedding material is also and important item that will determine the comfort and quality of hedgehog’s life. Bedding is what you place at the bottom of the cage, where your hedgehog’s feet and body will tough every time. The bedding material even can affect your pet’s health so that you are not allow to go wrong with it.

#1 Paper-based bedding

Paper bedding is one of the top options to use since it brings many benefits.   Most of paper bedding product on the market will work well and is perfectly safe for your hedgehogs. This bedding is made of natural ingredients provide a soft texture. Paper bedding is very absorbent hence reduces odor. It is better to get the bedding that advertises itself as being soft and 99% dust free. However, the draw back is paper is not last for long once it gets wet. It require more frequently cleaning for about 2 – 3 days.

#2 Fleece

Almost any type of fabric-based bedding will make for best kind of hedgehog bedding when it comes to set up hedgehog cage. The most impressive feature of fleece bedding is that you can wash and recycle it for next time use. The fleece also creates the soft and comfortable bottom. So you do not need to worry about injuries. This bedding good at absorbent and not messy like wood or paper. The disadvantage is that some fleece may have loose threads, where the hedgehog toes may get stuck and make them pain. Fleece also does not allow hedgehogs to burrow under it.

#3 Wood type bedding

Wood bedding will allow hedgehogs do some natural behaviours like burrow and dig under. Wood shavings also make them feel cozy and warm. The most impressive feature of this bedding is that wood bedding is great absorbents, due to that it is also remove odor very well. However, you will need to replace it often. Wood shaving can cause a mess. Some type of wood bedding like cedar is toxic and never should be used for hedgehog. It also contain dust and may cause respiratory problems.

The best aquarium air pumps are essential tools for adding oxygen to your aquarium. In addition to work as a source of oxygen delivery, the best air pump for aquarium also needs to be reliable, easy to use, and most important quite. In this post, we show up here the top 2 picks of the air pump in order to narrow your choice and make sure that you will get the perfect air pump for your aquarium: Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump vs Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump. As a quick disclose, we recommend that you should use Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump since it operates very well on a quite wide range of tank sizes. Maybe someday you will want to upgrade your tank to larger and adding more fish, then Hygger Mini Air Pump seems to be too small.

#1 The pump power

There are some pumps that are strong enough to work with large quantities of water while others cannot. You will have to ensure the pump you plan to buy can handle your tank water. With 1,5 watts, Hygger quite mini air pump is very energy-saving equipment. The flow rate is 2410ml per minute make it the great air pump that is designed for small aquariums from 1 to 15 gallons and hydroponic systems. Uniclife air pump comes with 2 outlets that allow you to adjust the flow rate.   Due to this, it can fit fish tanks that range in size from 20 to 100 gallons. Its power is 4 Watt.

#2 Size

Mounting the air pump will partly affect your tank visual. Some of them are very small and can be hidden away, while others are larger and require much more space. Before buying, consider how much space you have for it. Hygger mini air pump measure 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches, it is super compact. It is also lightweight and can easily be hidden at the back of the tank. When you look at the Uniclife air pump, you can see that it is compact and looks almost like a battery or adapter. Since it measures 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.5, it is much more compact compare with the power that it has. Due to this size, it is not obtrusive in your tank and not takes much space. However, the drawback is that the hose included is bulky and it cannot be hidden.

#3 Noise

It is important to consider how quiet the pump is before decided to go with it. Especially if you place the fish tank in the main living area within your home, you will want a quiet product that does not produce lots of noise and bothers your family. Hygger Quite Mini Air Pump operated by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate. That means no motor or other mechanism that reduces noise. It is very quiet for the fish tank to be placed at the bedroom, living room and office. Uniclife air pump is ultra whisper quite. With the lowest flow rate setting, it is a product only 25dB. This sound is as loud as a ticking watch or rustling leaves.